Smart Result Processor (SRP)
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Welcome to the Smart Result Processor Client Interface - an automated school result management software.

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Features of SRP:

Comprehensive and Updated Database We create a comprehensive updatable database of all the students, subjects and classes in the school during SRP setup. Included in the setup are students' passports.
Very Easy to Use We teach one or more of your staff how to update the database and manage SRP. Any novice with the right credentials can administer and access contents on SRP.
Absolute Accuracy SRP performs all calculations such as total, grand total, individual average, class average, position per subject, grade, remark, etc by itself. Also, it automatically includes first term's results in the second term's report sheet and first and second terms' results in the third term's report sheet.
Beautiful and Highly Customizable Result Sheets With SRP, your school is assured of result sheets beautifully adorned with your school's logo, colours, students' images and other specifics.
Excellent Result Statistics The software generates relevant and accurate result statistics such as number of students that offered each subject, number that passed, number that failed, percentage that passed, percentage that failed, names of first, second, third and last students and their respective scores, and class average scores.
Automatic Transcript Generator SRP generates transcript covering a student's entire period in the school within 6 seconds. It does not matter if it is a current or past student.
Printable Master Report Sheets Without Alterations The software creates beautiful, printable form teacher's report sheet for each arm (e.g SS1 B, JSS3 C) and a master report sheet for each class (e.g JSS2).
Automatic Principal's Comment Generator SRP helps make befitting academic and promotional comments on students' results and makes it available to Academic Admin for vetting.
Maximum Security All results computed by the software are backed up on our servers online and offline under maximum security and can be restored within minutes. In addition, SRP maintains a comprehensive log of whatever anybody does.
Unassailable Speed Smart Result Processor performs every bit of its tasks at a mind-boggling speed.
Three Channels of Result Distribution The software delivers all results to parents' email accounts, publishes results on your school's website and makes the same available on your school's client interface of SRP.
Automatic Template Generator The software automatically creates subject templates wherein subject teachers record (and use to submit) students' CA and Exam scores.
Goodbye to Termly Result Scratch Card With Smart Result Processor, every student receives a PIN once which they can use to access their results and transcripts at all times.
Two Distinct Versions SRP currently has Local Server Dependent and Full Online Accessible versions. They both have similar features and are all Cloud-based. However, the Local Server Dependent version is only accessible from the school while the Full Online Accessible version is accessible from anywhere, on any device and with any network.
Goodbye to Dossier With the adoption of SRP, you bid farewell to the cost and stress of purchasing and maintaining clean dossiers.
Bulk SMS Integration SRP comes with highly customizable Bulk SMS feature. The SMS interface allows you to select numbers from database and/or manually type numbers not found in the database; with the ability to filter out wrong and duplicate numbers.
School Website Are you in need of a school website or desire to upgrade your current website? You need not worry because SRP has an option that caters for that.

To try SRP, reach us on any of the phone numbers or email address below. We will be happy to create appropriate accounts for you to use to try SRP Demo version.

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